A Child Called IT-David Pelzer

Posted March 11th, 2011 by Kirstiemarie333

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This book is amazing in so many ways. It is a biography,and id recommend the readers to be 18 or older. David has to hop through so many obstacles to please his abusive mother. His father is a firefighter and is never available to help him.He has three brothers who get treated like royalty,but poor David is the IT of the family. His mother hurts him mentally and physically,beating him and taunting him. David stays strong he still runs to school and he never talks back to his mother. This book hit me hard i could not set it down. It hit me so hard because of my family, we are very alike. I’d daydream while reading this book seeing flashbacks of my childhood. I could not beleive what poor David is forced to do. His mother and herevil ways tried to get David to crawl onto a  flaming stove,she would make him puke up food he stole when he was not fed at home, He scrubbed the bathroom floors with ammoniawhile the door is locked shut. I just hate his mother and all she made him suffer through.All of the blood that innocent boy must have spilled just frustrates me. Also i can not get over the fact that David’s aunts and uncles,his grandma,and all of his neighbors heard and saw this abuse happening but none of them had the heart to stop it all for him. Makes me cry for David. Although,I can not wait to read the sequel. I would ave to say if you can not handle violence or gore do not read this book. Also if abuse hits your heart hard because you too were forced into some bad situations i would say you better read this book!!  It shows you exactly how lucky we are!


Hi there, My name is Kirstie Beams. I find myself constantly surrounded by books. I love to read and I enjoy writting even more. I have ben reading and writting since before i can even remember. I have a feeling i'll never stop. Books take me to a world that is so different from my own i cant help but burry my nose in one for days. I live in the sunny state of Colorado and enjoy taking my books into the High hills. I relax at my favorite river spott where the rushing water's put me into a mental hypnosis, and I will read until the sun goes down. Im a joy to be around and i hope that everyone can appriciate my writting! Even if you didnt enjoy it...Thank you so much for looking it over!

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2 Responses to “A Child Called IT-David Pelzer”

  1. Kathryn Jones

    I read this book to all 4 of my boys…at that time they were 5, 8, 10 & 12. It helped them appreciate what they had and to look beyond peoples actions to why they might be acting that way. We still talk about this book and it’s 5 yrs. later.

  2. Kirstiemarie333

    Wow thats a very great idea. I figured most parents would feel this book was too graphic for children. The way you put it though, its a very smart plan. I too read this book when i was younger and it really did shine a light on my life. I feel it could help alot of kids who beleive there life is just the WORST ever because the trut is..David had it way worse. Thanks for your response Kathryn!

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