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Review: This book is one of the best books I have ever read.  And that is saying something.  This is the only time I have read a single book in two hours flat.  not because of the length, but because of the story itself.  Not only is it a good story, but it is unbelievably well-written.  The one thing I liked best was the fact that the author didn’t just skip the Freak Show part and move on with the story, as most authors would have done.  The book is unimaginably descriptive, and – this is rare – isn’t boring in the way it’s described.   The story is about something everyone knows about – VAMPIRES!  And, here’s the kicker.  They have new things no one has ever used.  There is NO EDWARD! By that, I mean that the story isn’t cheesy, or romance-y.  It has a different way of how people become a vampire, it has different ways vampires feed, it has different ways vampires are governed, the list goes on and on.  The author doesn’t repeat the past.  I have to say, if you love a good, gripping, thriller, this is the book for you.

Synopsis: Darren Shan is playing soccer one day when his friend Alan comes and shows him, Tommy, and Steve.  Steve buys two tickets that night, because you can only buy two at once.  Steve got one of the tickets.  After a contest to see who got the ticket Steve (Which involved dropping a bagful of of similarly shaped papers out of a bag),  Darren wins.  In the show, there are many exciting creatures and whatnot.  (I won’t spoil them) Darren is enticed by one.  A preforming, extremely poisonous, preforming tarantula.  He goes back that night and steals it.  He figures out how to make it preform by playing a flute and playing telepathic messages.  One day, Steve comes, and Darren shows him the spider, and is preforming with it, when Darren’s sister walks in and breaks his concentration, causing the spider to bite Steve.  To save Steve’s life, Darren has to change his life…  for the worse.


Hello humans! Ia m Jacob! RAWR! I love books, and usually have one everywhere I go. I currently have a Christian Blog: and I hope you follow it. Anyway, I think that if you can see, you should read. So, read my reviews, then read the book, or not, depending wether or not it was a positive review.

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3 Responses to “A Living Nightmare By Darren Shan – Cirque Du Freak #1”

  1. Peggy

    Great review! Makes me want to run out and get the book!

  2. Linz

    Wow! Sounds like something i’d like to read!

  3. Jacob

    You guys would love this book you should read it.

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