Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen

Posted January 19th, 2011 by kateluvsbam

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The book “Black and Blue” is a  sad story. This book is about a wife who is being abused by her husband and she can’t call the cops because he is a cop. She lives in New York and is a nurse who sees victims of abuse basically everyday and she finally does something about it she calls a woman who owns a program that basically is the witness protection program but for battered women and their children. They have a son who kinda knows what going on even though she lies to him he still has an idea of whats going on. They get the help they need and end up down in Florida where her and her son start their lives over. The son starts school and joins the soccer team where his mom meets his teacher/coach and falls for him. they eventually get together but there is trouble and the husband shows up and takes the son back and almost kills her but he lets her live. She ends up marrying the teacher/coach and they have a baby and get a house with three rooms and that is so if and when her son comes back he will have a room to live in.

This is a good story but it kinda hit close to home for me it is very violent and grahic so if you can’t handle it dont read it. there is a movie too so if u want u can watch it instead but as always with movies it won’t be the same as the book.


i love to read all books

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2 Responses to “Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen”

  1. Maddie

    Wow, tough book. LOL :)

  2. Gabi B.

    Wow, when I read that the husband took the son back, I immediately thought, “wait, will the wife ever get her son back?” And now, it will bother me until I know if they do or not. :)

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