“Books Shining Bright!” Topic List

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In this section we spotlight a newly-published book on burning issues of the current times, topics in the current news and books on topics that have the potential of helping children have a happy, positive and balanced life.

For the upcoming months, we are seeking to feature authors who have written children’s books on these topics:

November: understanding election process, veterans, Thanksgiving, public speaking, sibling rivalry

December: parents with different religions, celebrating new year in diferent cultures, unusual foods, community building

April: picky eating habits, racism, environmental concerns, interracial families, money management

Jan: self esteem, fun scientific project kids can do, unusual hobbies, taking care of an ill family member, understanding recessions

Feb: dealing with loss (family, pet, home, friends, etc), ethinic diverse friendships, learning to cook

March: patriotism, stress, books to help kids overcome bad grades, understanding inflation, learning music

April: business set up, dealing with a bully, fundraising, little known extinct creatures

May: alcholism and drug abuse, travelling, being a big brother or sister, art projects, leadership, remembering September 11 and understanding terrorism

June: abuse, gardening, helping friends, learning a new language

To send in your pitches, email us at alexandria@ayeshareviews.com

If you are a child who has benefited from a newly published book in any way, do let us know. We would love to publish your story.

Books chosen for Ayesha Award- Books Shining Bright! will be given this virtual rosette:

Recipient of

More about the award: Ayesha Award – Books Shining Bright! is given to newly published (within 5 years) children’s books that have the potential to add educational and/or entertainment value to children’s lives.

If you would like more information or would like to have your book considered for the award, please email us at alexandria @ayeshareviews.com. You can submit one copy to Ayesha Reviews for consideration. There is no entry fees. We are planning on adding a small financial reward for the award winners in the near future.

The panel that decides to choose books for the award include:
1. Ayesha Starns, tween chief blogger
2. Alexandria White, teen assistant editor
3. Lou Jacobs, teacher and editor
4. Durdana Ricchiuto, marketer and parent

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