Bridge to Terabithia. By: Katherine Paterson

Posted February 2nd, 2011 by Abbie Gail

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This book reminded me of my brother, he is always teasing me like Jess does May Belle. I love this book! My mom and I read it over and over. There are a few bad words in the book but I skip them. This book is about a friendship between a girl and a boy, who have big ideas. I cry every time I read it, so does my mom. May Belle is my favorite. Jess and Leslie’s lives are like real kids my age and older. They use their dreams to make them forget about the mean kids at school and having parents that are bossy.

Abbie Gail

I am seven years old, I love to read, and for my mom to read to me.

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5 Responses to “Bridge to Terabithia. By: Katherine Paterson”

  1. Marissa

    I am eleven years of age, I am an excellent reader, (i got the nook color for Christmas) but I have seen the move, and just because I saw the movie it doesn’t mean that the book will be the same.

  2. Marissa

    I am an excellent reader. :)

  3. cam2011

    I have seen the movie,”Bridge to Terrabithia” but I have never read the book.I wonder, is the book different from the movie?

  4. timmesha

    I saw the movie and read the book and both were very good. It was different in the beginning but as you continue to read or watch “Bridge to Terrabithia”, it really is the same.

  5. Kaylie Weatherly

    I have seen the movie and read the book. And yes.. the book is a lot different from the movie. If i had to choose between the book or the movie for being the best i would defiantly choose the book :) ha ha

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