Cardsharp – A Vincent Ward Adventure

Posted June 6th, 2012 by KalinElizabeth

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Book Review by KalinElizabeth
Book: Cardship – A Vincent Ward Adventure
Author: Paul Westmoreland

Rating= 5 stars
Overall thoughts: A decent read that I would recommended to a strong reader with a good vocabulary.

The way it is written is almost too detailed. In the action scenes, I don’t want a description of the grass, I want something that would seem as fast paced as it should be happening. I don’t agree with the calm behavior portrayed in the getaway scene either. It seem much too unrealistic. Maybe it was a little ‘dragged out’. I didn’t appreciate that scene much. Although I understand it can be difficult to give the reader a visual using just words, what we put in a movie is difficult to put in words. I don’t typically go for a violence scene in my writings because they can come out choppy and almost fantasy; unreal. I do appreciate the word choice though. It is educated and thought out.

I did of course, see some minor spelling issues. Nothing too bad. There were a few things I didn’t enjoy as well.  I did not like when his dad came and got him, that was just too easy. The gun twirling off the driver’s finger was comical, I don’t picture it at all. Maybe it should have said, “The momentum of the car smacked his hand against the car, his hand loosened and he lost his grip on the gun.” Something more real.

Overall, this book is a decent read, but nothing I find to be extreme. While it did take me a while to get the feeling of involvement with the story, I eventually did. The storyline is fairly clear and it follows a path with a thought. This is a good book, and while it may not suit every one’s style of reading it is something to enjoy. The author of this book did well on choosing where to take the story without giving such easy insight into what will happen next. There were some subtle hints of foreshadowing that really helped in setting the mood of the story. I would recommend this book to someone who likes adventure and fast-paced action. But I would have to limit that to someone with a vast vocabulary, because this book is stuffed with dictionary terms.


My name is Kalin, I'm 15, and a dedicated reader. I have always enjoyed reading books well beyond my range and I will read anything even if I don't enjoy it. I think that is what allows me to have the ability to do something such as reviewing books by other children. I hope that by being accepted and writing more reviews, I can help improve and develop other's writing skills as well as my own.

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