Crash by Jerry Spinelli

Posted April 17th, 2011 by Amy

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Jerry Spinelli really made me laugh in this book. One of my favorite  funny parts was when Crash was with the dorky little kid who always wore second hand clothes. His name was Penn Webb. Penn met Crash for the first time and Crash met his parents . No wonder Penn was such an awkward kid. His parents looked as if they were grandparents. They were at least 60 years old when Penn was in 1st grade and they lived in a “house” that was actually an old garage. I expected there to be a house behind the garage but there was no house – just a garage for a house – or so I thought.

It was quite small and had no steps at all. It had room dividers but no interior walls or doors.  imagined going into Penn’s “house” and smelling car exhaust while his parents car was being overhauled. Not so, but it looked like it could have been that from the outside.

Also Penn had zero toys exept for a little baby train.

The book also had some very sad parts, especially what happened to Crash’s grandpa but that made Crash a better person and helped him to be friends with everyone. Crash later on in the book realizes that winning isn’t everything and let other people feel good about themselves and make their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents all proud of the accomplishment. Crash gave the gift of the joy to someone you wouldn’t expect him to give it to which I thought was a very good thing. It reminded me of when I was racing my younger brother. I let him win for a change so he could feel good and proud of himself for beating me. I thought the book was light hearted and a great story. I totally recommend it. This book reminded me of when my grandma came over to my house and I loved to eat her food more than my moms food, sometimes. (Sorry mom).


Hi! My name is Amy. I am 13 years old. I love to read fiction and realistic fiction. My reading teacher is really fun and knows lots of good books that I can read. I am in an advanced English class. I have so many favorite books I can't decide which one I like the most. My favorite poem is Jabberwocky.

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