Dragon Qiver by Laurence Knighton

Posted July 19th, 2011 by Ashura_Glitch

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This book made me laugh and I loved the Character Quiver, he was charming and is a perfect example as a child you would see that is new to the world.  I like it when he sneezed because the picture in my mind was just adorable.  He was just a great character in the book to tie it easily together.

The Ogger was funny to me, because he made me think of one of my friends that has no specific skills and cares deeply for their friends.  He’s ugly yet no one cares about that because he’s a great guy.  I liked the oggar because he reminds me of my friends that would stand by my side no matter what.

The Lork was another character like the oggar the reminded me of my friends.  A big person who gets embarrassed and is kinda clueless but is a great friend and has strength.  The strength i mean is actually inside not her being a huge.  I did think it was funny when the wizard tripped her and making her smash a few harlizards.

The Wizard or Helgarn kinda ticked me off.  He was one that wouldn’t tell you anything but knew it all.  Basically he came on to me as a know it all and the leader.  I have no problem with that but it’s still irritating no matter how you look at it.

This book was very good, shows what it’s like to fit in and to have a purpose.  All the characters had a purpose in the book.  Just being alive and fitting in somewhere is a good feeling.  The Ogger, Quiver, The Lork, and The Wizard were kind of a weird group of friends, but they were friends and that how it is.  You can’t pick alot of things in life, but you can pick who your friends are and that is a blessing that no one really understands.


I love reading books and writing. I also enjoy drawing many diffrent types of things. I'm a huge fan of Sonic The Hedgehog and I consider myself a dark romatic and a dark artist.

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