Posted July 23rd, 2011 by Jonah

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I like this book a lot because it is about gross things (barf, poop, saliva, zits, etc.). It is a science book about all the gross things in your body, but written in a funny way that makes it appealing to kids. Here are some examples: “A long time ago people thought that a runny nose was actually your brain leaking through your nostrils.” and “The Kayap tribe from the Amazon are such experimental eaters that their language contains about 100 different words for diarrhea.” Or “If you squeezed out all the bacteria in your intestines you could almost fill up a coffee mug. Anyone want a sip?”
Another good thing about this book is you can just pick it up and read about one subject. It is not like a story. It is a good book to have just lying around because you can keep picking it up and reading parts of it. Its not like you read it once and you’re done. The pictures are comical and the writing is funny too. It has lots of experiments you can do like getting your mouth to water, measuring how much pee you produce and how to make fake blisters. It also has stories about different people like a fart performer that could fart over 3,000 times in a row and play songs by farting. He was on stage and TV.
Anyway, it’s a one of a kind book. I definitely recommend it if you are into any gross things.


I am 9 years old. I have a baby sister that is 3 years old. I like to play Pokemon cards and video games. I like ocean animals and going to aquariums to see them. I also love books. I would like to write a book someday and have it published. I am home schooled. I have traveled across the country 3 times so far in a 20 foot RV with my family of 4 including me.

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