Lolita-Vladimir Nabokov

Posted January 19th, 2011 by NuriRhines

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A friend told me to read this book because she said it was the most beautifully disgusting thing she had ever read and she was right. This book literally made me sick to my stomach but Vladimir’s words were like poetry. Lolita is the fictional (thank goodness) story of Humbert Humbert, a poet that meets little twelve year old Lolita and falls passionately in love with her. He marries her mother Ms. Haze just so that he can have Lolita all to himself. Throughout the novel, Lolita and Humbert grow disturbingly closer and become lovers when Mrs. Haze dies. Humbert and Lolita travel around to different places experiencing each other mentally and physically which changes both of their lives. In this beautifully written novel, the reader gets an inside look at the poet and pedophile, Humbert Humbert. After I read this book I couldn’t help but wonder if there were really men like Humbert out in the world. I got an inside look into a mind of a sick man who was attracted to little girls from the ages 12-14. He called these little girls nymphets because not all the little girls from that age group are special, just some of them. It is not one of my favorite books because I find the subject matter hard to stomach. It is not revealing or descriptive but A LOT is implied and that alone was too much for me to handle. I recommend this novel for the ages 17 and up.


I am a senior in high school and in my second year of college. I want to be a journalist and I love to read and write.

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2 Responses to “Lolita-Vladimir Nabokov”

  1. Gabi B.

    I can already say I have never read this book, but your description had already told me that this is a very bad book to read if you have a light heart! I am glad you have written this interview because, well, one day, I might think I would love to read this, and when I begin a book, I find it hard not to remember everything about it. So thank you for writing this review (thankfully) before the book entered my head…. for good!

  2. LInda Roberts

    I don’t recommend this book. I read it because it is referred to so much in the media and I wanted to see for myself etc…. It doesn’t matter how well it is written. It just doesn’t compensate for the sick, dirty feeling you’re left with. Horrible.

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