LOSER by Jerry Spinelli

Posted December 24th, 2010 by Madelyn

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This book is mainly about a kid named Donald Zinkoff. Donald has special needs. Not everybody is nice to him because he is different. He absolutely loves school because it’s very enjoyable for him. In the first grade his teacher, Mrs. Meeks, thinks he is a handful but finally she learns to like Donald. She taught him how to spell words and how to even write his own name which is horrible on the first day. This book tells about his life story from first grade all the way up to middle school. All though school, Donald is thought of a ‘loser’ because he is clumsy and not the best at sports. He is probably the world’s greatest laugher. When his dad makes up a joke, Donald can’t stop laughing for an hour! This 218 word book is a very funny and difficult to put down.

11 Responses to “LOSER by Jerry Spinelli”

  1. Tozier

    I’ve read this also.

  2. Maddie

    Yeah, I love this book! Did you like it? I think another one I like is Something upstairs by Avi. I think I might do a review on that book also.

  3. Maddie

    I hope everybody likes my review!

  4. Maddie

    :( I should have put more about what I like…..epic fail!

  5. Maddie

    I’m going to do another book review! Its called: Keep a Lid on it, Pandora!
    Its a myth book;)

  6. Hannah F.

    I love that book! Its awsome! I’ve read it before! Glad u did a review on it:)

  7. Awsome Jake

    I love that book!

  8. Kaylie Weatherly

    That was an awesome Review thanks!

  9. Kaylie Weatherly

    Ha ha I really need to write some more reviews. :)
    () ()

  10. Kaylie Weatherly

    WO that came out wrong.it was a bunny face but it messed up :( ha ha

  11. Kaylie Weatherly

    P.S. the frown face was @ the end lol

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