Packing For Mars- Mary Roach

Posted June 30th, 2011 by Kirstiemarie333

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Packing For Mars is a mind blowing non fiction story that tells exactly what space life is like.I’d recommended this book to readers 14-18. There is no real bad language or violence in this story. Mary Roach describes all the problems involved with living in space.There are hundreds of problems that could happen to any astronaut.Such as not being able to shower.Also what happens to the waist that can not be stored on the space shuttle? Mary gives explicit detail on the in look of the shuttle, and what they do with their spare time.Packing For Mars is a wonderful book that can help you understand the life in space. She explains that not only physical problems occur but mental ones too. Most astronauts are in space for a long period of time. That means many hygiene problems also. Mary made me laugh when she describes the food they must eat. It made me think alot because i always believed that American fast food was one of the worst food choices ever. After hearing about the packaged powder, or mush that they are givin made my┬ástomach hurt. I have to be honest even as a child i dreamed of going into space and seeing what exists outside of planet earth. This book really hits hard, because you wouldn’t believe what some of the past space shuttle flights have went through. She explains the endless amounts of problems that occur for the space men and women. Just the social and psychological challenges they must go through makes me feel so lucky to be on the ground! Everyone who enjoys space should read “Packing For Mars”!


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