Razzlesnacks by Laurence Knighton

Posted June 23rd, 2011 by Amy

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Razzlesnacks I always thought ghost stories were scary. But Razzlesnacks made me find other ways ghost stories can be about.

I was confused a lot in the beginning but as I read more it started to make sense. It was clever to have the spider and the beetle in the beginning and have the story Razzlesnacks so it was almost 2 stories in 1 book. The spider probably learned from the story to be nicer to the beetle because in the story Waterwart wasn’t nice to Razzelsnacks. They were major enemies just like Spider and Beetle but then when Razzlesnacks was nicer to Waterwart, Waterwart was nicer to Razzlesnacks. Spider showed he was being nice by putting Beetle in a more comfortable position. Now I will be nicer to my brothers and they will be nice to me by not playing pranks or jokes on me. Waterwart shouldn’t yell at Razzlesnacks because then Razzlesnacks will yell or be mean to Waterwart.

Razzlesnacks reminded me of my 1st grade imaginary friend, Bobet. When I would “yell” at her for playing a prank or moving something, I wasn’t being very nice to her and she wasn’t nice back. But then we became friends again and started “talking” to each other.

Waterwart made me happy and surprised that he loved a ghost, Razzlesnacks. This reminded me of a book I’m reading that is a love story called “Once Upon a Marigold” and how two totally different people can still love each other. What made me smile was when Razzlesnacks waited for Waterwart to die so they could live together and both be the same – ghosts. That really shows that they are fond and loving, caring for each other.

It made me laugh when Waterwart fell on his face because Razzlesnacks moved the chair in front of him and when Razzlesnacks was going to do the biggest prank ever (scare the visitor) but before she could do it, the visitor hurriedly left. Darn. I wish she would have gotten to scare her because I wanted to see the guests face and reaction. I would have reacted by screaming my head off until I lost my voice. I would run away as fast as I could.

Yelling makes me mad because I don’t like yelling at people and I don’t like them yelling at me. Also, I didn’t like how they weren’t talking to each other. I would get so lonely not being able to talk to someone. It reminded me of another book, “No Talking,” where there was no talking allowed.

“Razzlesnacks” made me remember the importance of being a friend. I relearned a very valuable lesson and I’m glad I read this love/ghost story. I can’t wait to read the other books!


Hi! My name is Amy. I am 13 years old. I love to read fiction and realistic fiction. My reading teacher is really fun and knows lots of good books that I can read. I am in an advanced English class. I have so many favorite books I can't decide which one I like the most. My favorite poem is Jabberwocky.

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