Tales of Tosseldowns: Razzlesnacks by: Laurence Knighton

Posted April 25th, 2011 by moonrise1014

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I found Razzlesnacks to be a very fun, adorable, and interesting story. The story follows this waterwart who moves into an old abandoned house on a hill in a town called Barfoo. When he first moves in, the waterwart decides to fix up the place and he notices this garden outback. This garden is not at all like a normal, average garden that someone may found in their own backyard; this garden rearranges itself mysteriously overnight. The waterwart was quite befuddled as to how this was possible and who or what could be pulling such a prank on him. So, he traveled down the hill into the town of Barfoo to ask about the house, and the fellow townspeople would respond with “that’s just how that house is.” One day a ghost appears in the house, and frightens the waterwart. The ghost, Razzlesnacks, just wanted the waterwart out of her house and would do anything possible to get him to leave. Eventually, after she realizede he wasn’t going to leave, they developed a compromise that she wouldn’t do anythin scary to him. As a result of this compromise she started to become restless and creative and find new ways to annoy the waterwart, up till the point that he stopped responding to all the pranks Razzlesnacks was doing to him. One day a friend came to visit the waterwart, and Razzlesnacks had a very peculiar feeling about this that she couldn’t quite understand; the waterwart soon realized he had this very peculiar feeling too. But what was that feeling that both of them had?

Now, that feeling that both of them hadis what, in my opinion this story absolutely adorable and should reflect on how everyone should view one another. Feelings for one another should have nothing to do with the appearance of one another but for how the other person makes you feel. This story highly captures that. Since Razzlesnacks is a ghost it prevents them from actually “being together” but mentally and emotionally they are still “together” and all relationships should be because of that. Razzlesancks is a really fun character, who is highly creative. She got me thinking about what creative pranks I could pull on my friends. At first I started really empathetic because they couldn’t actually be together, but then I realized they were together and I felt really happy and bubbly inside.


Hello my name is Crystal. I love to read!!! My favourite thing about reading is being able to transform yourself to a new world full of magic, fantasy, and knowing that anything and everything that you can possibly dream up is possible. In the realm of fiction, if you can imagine it, it is possible. I would love to become a writer one day or a technical director in a theatre company.

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