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Summary: A waterwart moved into an old, abandoned house and was determined to fix it. He met a ghost named Razzlesnacks. Razzlesnacks loved to prank the waterwart. When the waterwart got fed up with the tricks, Razzlesnacks tried to make it up to him. But he ignored her. Eventually, the waterwart and Razzlesnake talked and agreed they enjoy each others company. Later they fell in love. When the waterwart passed away, they stayed together as ghosts in the house.

Review: This story begins with a beetle who got caught in a spider’s web. The spider was too full to eat, so the beetle suggested that he read a story to the spider. I can’t imagine why the author put this in the story; it appears to have no connection to the main plot. I was also confused by this story’s unusual vocabulary. Made-up words such as tomebeetle, spinspider, waterwart, and badgerkin make the story difficult to comprehend, but I was still able to get the overall ideas of the story. These word add character to the story, and allow children to use their imaginations. They also remind me of Dr. Seuss, but he used illustrations to help the reader understand the words he made up. Although I had trouble at times following the story, the moral of the story–that many times good friends will have a great influence on each other—was clear.


My name is Ava and I love to read and write. When I say write I don't mean hand writing, I mean typing. I play many sports and am in an advanced math class. I love pizza and Dr. Pepper. I have a pretty normal life except for one thing. I was born with mild club foot. That affects how I walk and run, but I still do both fine (but slower). I find it weird when people act like it is a big deal because I only learned to walk one way and I only learned to run one way, which is normal to me. I still love to be active, and I do engage in normal sports such as softball, tennis and volleyball. I also play the violin.

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One Response to “Tales of Tosseldowns: Razzlesnacks by Laurence Knighton”

  1. Lainey

    Good job on your review! Keep writing!

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