Tales of Tosseldowns:Dragon Qiver

Posted June 22nd, 2011 by seojin

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Most times when I read a book and there is a prologue, I usually skip that part to go onto the story. Usually, I think the prologue is completely useless, as sometimes the prologues are completely irrelevant to the story. But in this tale, the prologue was very interesting and was from the point of view from someone we really don’t hear from, a spider. Bugs are what scare me the most, but it was fun to hear from the view point of my feared enemy. I like books from the point of view of the weaker or not really heard because theses are the views that are most interesting. The prologue also tied in with the story as it exhibited the theme of you should not judge others by their looks.

After the prologue, the real story comes to be told, which is cute and good for younger kids as it teaches them several important lessons like friendship and not to judge others. Dragon Qiverreminded me that we should not judge others just by appearance, but by their personality.  Too many people judge other for how they look, but this book portrayed the each of the characters accepting each other. As author describes the characters and they would not be ones people would exactly approach to become friends. But as the story continues on, you can see that the characters are not at all that bad and they actually would be very good friends. The tale is of a journey and the main point was a search of identity.

 This was something I could relate to myself, as we go through life everyone wants to find their identity and purpose in life. The thing I liked about this book was that it portrayed characters finding themselves along with friends. One thing I disliked about this book was that a character in this book is considered to know everything. I disliked this because, no one can know everything and making a character all-knowing gives kids the image that there is someone out there that is all-knowing. I disliked this part, but in general this was a very good story and re mined me of many themes I had not come across while reading.

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