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In Lowdly there is a small town called Holler. It is right on the edge of a canyon named Creep Canyon. To attract visitors, the catteracks plan a parade. This parade will consist of a hollering contest. But every sound made near Creep Canyon is echoed throughout the whole canyon. So the catteracks make a rule where there are no sounds to be made but the hollering contestants.

Digger is a carvermole who’s job is to make more and more passageways through the moles’ home. He works in the night because he likes the quietness. He loves to holler and he hears about the hollering contest so he decides to participate.

The pair of sourgripers mentioned in the stories is a two-headed animal that cannot get along. They slap each other non-stop and never quit bickering. But they do both love to holler and they are quite good at it. So they to decide to join the contest.

On the way to holler, the gripers get lost while fighting and meet the mole named Digger who happens to also be lost. So the two animals start out on their journey…

I really enjoyed this story because of the author’s techniques. My favorite technique was the humorous names such as gripers, Lowdly, Holler, and Digger. I also really liked how the whole story is being told from a beetle trying not to get eaten by a spider. This a great book for kids of all ages and I definitely recommend it.


Hi my name is Josiah.I love to read.My favorite books are the Series of Unfortunate Events.I also like the author Ted Dekker. I have 2 cats,Lily and Sawyer.

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One Response to “Tales of Tossledowns-Book 2: Holler by Laurence Knighton”

  1. Angela

    Way to go, Josiah! Great job!

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