Tales of Tossledowns: Otterwill by Laurence Knighton

Posted June 9th, 2011 by ReviewerRachel

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Tales of Tossledowns: Otterwill by Laurence Knighton


58 pages (ebook)

Age Range: 6-8

Category: Fantasy

The Buzz on the Book (What it’s all about.)

       It was a lucky day for the yellow Spinspider: It had caught a rare Tomebeelte in its web! Ah, she was long used to her victimes telling tales to prolong their lives. But, she never suspected that this tomebeetle would turn tides against her! Here is the tale he told:

        He told of a place called Tossledowns, where everything was beautiful. It had been a perfect day in Tossledowns when horror sturck! Tossledowns beloved water source, the Waterlove river, had run dry! Many just wanted to move on, but Grandmother Lilibud had a backbone. She was going to fight for her homestead.  She and her grandson set out on her quest, one of great risk and danger.

Unlock the Outlook (What I thought)

        The story was unique and intriguing but I thought that the book used big words for the 6-8 category. Many of the words weren’t actually words (comparable to Doctor Suess I suppose.) In addition to the words, some of the scenes may be a tad too scary for (some) toddlers. This would be a marvelous book if given to the right kid. As an example I should say this: If you had given me this book when I was 6-8, you would have scared me out of my wits. I was extremely timid. However, if you gave this to my sister when she was 6-8, she would have begged for more! She was very outgoing and never afraid of much. It just comes down to discretion


I am Rachel, and although it is pretty average around here, I am a teen reviewer. I love to read (which might be a redundant statement.) Through a long story, I owe my reviewing career to a friend and a plate of enchiledas. Almost an entire year later, I might finally be paid to review. It's an exciting notion! I can't wait to get started!

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