Tales of Tossledowns: Otterwill- Laurence Knighton

Posted June 23rd, 2011 by pokemonrules58

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I believe that younger readers will really enjoy this story.

Summary of the book:

This story is started out by a yellow spinspider who catches a rare tomebeetle in one of the many webs she has strewn. The spider starts to wrap up the tomebeetle, but the tomebeetle is clever and buys time to live by telling stories about its journeys. The story that the tomebeetle tells introduces us to the population of Otterwills…

The Otterwills live in a beautiful place called Tosseldown. With a magnificent waterfall and a flowing river, Otterwills thought this was paradise. One day Grandma Lilibud wakes up and notices that their beloved water is gone! Quickly after this discovery, the townspeople gathered at the rivers edge in panic. After a confrontation by the mayor, two Otterwills say to move on. Angered by this statement, Grandma Lilibud packs food and water and she sets off with her grandson Puffer to search for the water.

During the journey to find the water, they are faced with many dangers and near-death experiences. From snakes to hawks to falling off a cliff. With many new friends made along the way, this creative story leads to a happy ending.

My Thoughts/Feelings:

A part in the book that I found really enjoyable was when the Otterwills were attacked by the hornerasp. The event was very climatical and action-filled. I loved it how you could feel the Otterwills emotion or feeling when the young Otterwill Puffer warned his grandma. You could sense the scaredness in his voice.

Although this book had an interesting topic, it just wasn’t for me. A few pages into the story and I instantly knew that it was meant for younger readers. Knowing that, I put myself into a perspective of a little kid and found it very well written. The story line is unlike any other which makes it stand out.

After reading, I thought that this book had many detailed moments in which you could feel the characters emotion. I would highly recommend that this book should be read by younger readers or read aloud to younger readers.

Pages: 58 on eBook

Age Range: 6-8

Book Category: Childrens Fiction/Fantasy

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