Tales of Tossledowns Razzlesnacks

Posted April 16th, 2011 by Kirstenbiddle123

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Summary:  As a terrified tomebeetle looks for a way to escape the yellow spider’s web, they come up with a bargain.  A little bit of time for a good story. So the story begins as Waterwart moves to the quaint town of Barfoo. In which he moves into the old Wenterwill’s place.  At first, its a terrible sight. Dusty floors and dirty windows are only a fraction of the problems at this house. That’s why the beautiful garden was such a mystery. When the Waterwart first starts living in this old abandoned house everything seems alright, but then the strangest things start to happen. Such as tea cups at the front door or plants completely rearranged. He begins to believe he’s losing his mind until one night he trips over a stool, causing him to bonk his nose on the ground. Then a little girl appears named “Razzlesnacks”. She is a very ghastly sight as well. They don’t get along very well because she is always pranking him. Rules are constantly established but she always seems to find a way around them. Until one day he gets very frustrated and yells at her. Their problems don’t stop there, but they do get somewhat resolved.

Review: This book wasn’t exactly perfect. In the beginning I was a little confused on why we were reading about two bugs. I definitely had to read on to get more into the story, and towards the middle it really caught on. I especially liked how the writing changed from the prologue to the actual story about the Waterwart and Razzlesnacks. If I was younger this would have probably been one of my favorite stories because it had conflict and a very happy resolution. I’d recommend this book to any parent looking for a good bedtime story. I really did enjoy this book.

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