Posted July 4th, 2011 by Noele

Post to Twitter Post to Plurk Post to Bebo Post to Yahoo Buzz Post to Delicious Post to Digg Post to Diigo Post to Facebook Post to FriendFeed Post to Google Buzz Send Gmail Post to LinkedIn Mixx This Post Post to MySpace Post to Post to Reddit Post to Slashdot Post to Squidoo Post to StumbleUpon Post to Technorati book has got to be one of my favorite books I have ever read. Thirteen Reasons Why takes you an emotional adventure from the view points of to young teenagers. From the very beginning you know how the book is gonna end, so the  book is about why it happened. It focuses on how the littlest things we do effect others in a way that we have no way of understanding. The book is narrated through a series of 7 tapes recorded by a young girl named Hannah Baker and the listener of the tapes Clay Jensen who was one of 13 people to receive the tapes. The book deals with many serious issues that teenagers deal with today. Thirteen Reasons Why is an emotional roller coaster were one moment I wanted to cry and another moment I was laughing. Although the book confronts the issue of suicide in a very in your face kinda way, it does it in a way that teens can relate to. I would recommend it to any reader over the age of 15. Its not a good book for anyone under that age because it deals with suicide, violence, teen parties, and sex. It’s a good for teens and young adults to read because it educates about suicide, bullying, and indifference. I had a real connection with the book because around the same time I read the book for the first time a girl in my school killed herself. The book made me reconsider some of the things I do in my life and how it may hurt the people around me. The book reminds me that its not wrong to show concern for another person and that its important to reach out to those around you who are hurting.  I recommend that any and all teenagers read this book because it may just change your life, It may just show those who are considering suicide that there is a better way to handle your pain then death.

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