The Christmas Sweater

Posted February 5th, 2011 by Hawk45

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As a sophomore guy in high school who is “too tough to cry or feel sad” from a book or movie, The Christmas Sweater made it very hard for me not to get emotional. Glen Beck, a well known radio and t.v. host takes you inside the life of a 12 year old boy who lost his father and mother at separate times in his young childhood. Eddie was never rich by any means. His dad and mom owned the local bakery so the income wasn’t that good. That never seemed to bother Eddie because he thought so highly of his parents, especially his dad. Unfortunately Eddie’s dad suddenly passes away. Since his dad’s death Eddie is very bitter and depressed towards everyone including his mom. With Eddie’s dad gone, his mom has a hard time paying the bills and giving Eddie a good childhood. Eddie becomes very ungrateful of his mom’s hard work. For Christmas, his only present, is a bright red “ugly” sweater instead of a brand new bike. He is very hateful towards his mom and doesn’t except the handmade sweater. Later in the story Eddie and his mom are headed back home from his grandparents house when his mom falls asleep on the road causing the car to crash and eventually killing his mom. Eddie moves in with his grandparents and has a horrible attitude. While living with his grandparents he learns the true meaning of life and how great it really is. Glen Beck taught me that life isn’t all about money and receiving extravagant presents for Christmas or birthdays. I strongly urge people who are having a hard time with there lives to read The Christmas Sweater because you might learn that life isn’t all that bad.


I'm 16 years old and a sophomore. I love sports and love reading about sports whether it's a magazine, newspaper or book. I play football, basketball, baseball and run track. I not only like reading about sports, I like all kinds.

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2 Responses to “The Christmas Sweater”

  1. Mikayla N.

    I love this book so much I think I’m going to read it agian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way its glenn beck

  2. John

    I can’t believe this story did not get a better review! It is such a wonderful story, although it does have some odd parts.

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