The Divine Wind

Posted January 24th, 2011 by Jack

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The divine wind, by¬† Garry Disher was quite possibly one of the worst books i have ever read, throughout the entire book i was just sitting there reading in a kind of attitude that can only be described as ‘meh’, i found it really hard to relate to any of the characters, and by the time i had developed even the smallest amount of emotional attachment the book ended in possibly the most bland way I’ve ever read! i would also like it to be known that i only read this for school, otherwise i would have put it down and walked away, but i couldn’t, so i had to read this drivel. Another point i found confusing about the divine wind was the way it was paced, at the beginning of the book i could have sworn that the kids could only be 13-14, yet by the end they were talking about love and growing old together, with friends going off to join the military, i would only recommend this book to someone interested in how ww2 affected Australia as a people, which, according to this book was ‘we sort of kind of got attacked then some stuff happened but i wasn’t really paying attention then my friend died and i was sad and then they took away my Japanese friend but she will probably come back now because its over’, actually, that pretty much summarizes the entire book… no need to read it now… but anyway, not the best book, not absolutely terrible, semi-decent plot but poorly executed with little to no character development.


Hey, im jack, im 16 and from Australia, i joined this website because i have been reading since a very early age (i read the lord of the rings when i was 7), and have wanted to share what i thought about books for a very long time. i guess you could say i read very 'adult' books, not adult as in rude, but im really into stephen king, who is an amazing author who everyone should read atleast once in their lifetime! ok, what else, i play cello (just starting), bass guitar (2 years), trumpet (9 years) and piano (not in ages, but 2 years). also i have a dog named misty, shes pretty awesome... black and white... kinda funny looking... shes a whippet cross something, we think border collie but we cant be sure, anyway, that's enough of a bio...

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One Response to “The Divine Wind”

  1. Gabi B.

    wow, was it really that bad?

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