THE LAST LEOPARD by Lauren St. John

Posted May 2nd, 2011 by mujue

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As a fan of leopards and the African Savannah, I really enjoyed the adventure story, THE LAST LEOPARD. I related closely to Martine, the main character. I’ve always loved animals, especially African ones. So I enjoyed how Martine rode around on her White Giraffe, Jemmy.

I also could feel their hatred for Mr. Rat. (Even I enjoy calling him that!) It surprised me to what evil extremes he went just to get money. I was so glad when Ben and Martine let out all the animals that scared off Mr. Rat and his devious hunters. It saddens me to hear that people like Mr. Rat—who own those awful canned hunting grounds—actually do exist. I just wish they’d all end up like Mr. Rat’s: closed up forever.

Speaking of people behaving badly just for money, I was frightened when Ngwenya’s cousin, Griffin, kidnapped them and threatened to starve them if Martine didn’t give him her gift. I thought it was really funny and clever when Ben tricked him into letting them go by sending the Enemies of Lions up Griffin’s leg. I also thought it was very deserving when Martine knocked the beehive down and he was chased and stung by bees.
I was also very scared when they were caught by the hunters. I was scared, too, of what was going to happen to them. Another scary thing was when Khan pinned Martine to the ground and was going to kill her! I was also frightened when Ben fell off the waterfall, but I was so glad when Red and Jeff saved him from falling. But the most terrifying incident was when Khan was bleeding and it was up to Martine to save him. I thought for sure he was going to die, but was relieved when Martine used her gift to save him.

I hope someday, I, like Martine will get to go to Matobo hills and see brilliant animals like the leopards.


I am a 12-year-old girl and will be 13 in February. I love animals, reading, art, writing, and music. I have a pet cat named Penguin and a little brother named Benjamin. I am taking piano, voice, and swimming lessons, and I would like to participate in a school drama and learn to play the guitar. I am currently saving my money for a pink acoustic guitar. My bedroom theme is "jungle" and I have more than 100 stuffed animals -- 60 lions alone. My reading interests vary, but I really like both fiction and nonfiction books about animals. My favorite series is WARRIORS. I just finished reading DRACULA and am now reading THE HOBBIT and CRYPTED HUNTERS. I like Taylor Swift and cats -- both the animals and the musical. My favorite movies are The Lion King and Harry Potter. When I grow up, I want to live in either New Mexico or one of the Northwest Territories of Canada.

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One Response to “THE LAST LEOPARD by Lauren St. John”

  1. Eliza

    Hey, great response to the book, I really enjoyed it too.
    I also have heaps of stuffed toys, and love those sorts of animals as well! My favourite movies are The Lion King and Harry Potter as too! Last night I went and saw the last Harry Potter move again, it is soooooo good! I LOVE ANIMALS and really want to do something to help those endangered species such as lions. I also would love a horse, I don riding lessons at the moment and they are so much fun! I am 13 as well. I live in New Zealand.

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