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Short Summary:

The Fellowship is broken…

Friends are lost…

The Quest is treacherous…

Saruman, a friend of Gandalf, has turned to Sauron’s side. Him and Sauron each have a tower. Bar-Dur and Orthanc. The Fellowship was broken, Frodo and Sam now travel together, with the other five companions either captured or hunting for their friends. Gandalf has fallen…Isengard, is unleashed and Saruman unleashes his wrath on Rohan. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli fight for that country hoping to defeat the enemy. Frodo and Sam pick up a weary traveler, a familiar name…Gollum. The journey is in peril. There is no hope for the two hobbits. They journey on with the will to free Middle-Earth.

Critical Review:

This is the dark hour of the fellowship. It has been broken, and characters are miles apart, getting farther with every step. Tolkien Really surprised me how he wrote this book. It’s full of action and adventure. He introduces yet more characters and what I love is they are almost all dynamic characters. I hate it when authors make so many characters and they stay the same throughout the whole story. Tolkien did another fantastic job of describing the events that happen in this book, as does he always. It saddened me when Frodo has a dream about his long lost friend Gandalf, and wakes up to the cold reality that he really is gone. This book is very action filled and carries on the tale from The Fellowship of the Ring. The riders of Rohan really intrigue me because of the valor and nobility. They stay Noble to the King even when he kick them out. This is another exciting piece by Tolkien, and I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you want to read what happens to Frodo and his friends, pick up this book and start reading!


I am a 17 year old dude. I absolutely LOVE reading and writing, its my passion. I live in Colorado. I think this website is great and offers great opportunities to preteen/teens.

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