The Lying Game by Sara Shepard.

Posted February 27th, 2011 by HermioneGrangerWannabe

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The Lying Game is a new series created by Sarah Shepard. (See also Pretty Little Liars)
It has the same concept as Pretty Little Liars but I think it is an important one.
I also think the way she writes is very creative and unique.  I think one of the main issues she discusses is people who pretend to be someone else eventually become that person or their lies and pretending catches up to them in the end. It shows the consequences of pretending to be someone or something your not and how secrets have a way of ruining someone’s reputation or life.

Have you ever wondered if you had a long lost twin sister? Emma Paxton had lived in foster care her life. She had just gotten kicked out of her most recent home after being framed for being in a really abusive and sketchy video on the internet.

She then discovers she actually had somewhat of  a family.  She found a girl who looked identical to her. She decided to send her a facebook message wondering if she was a adopted and it turns out she was. The only problem was the person who responded wasn’t Emma’s twin….

Emma and she assumed twin decided to meet face – to face. Her dream of a happily -ever-after came crashing down when Emma’s  twin never physically showed up.  She was there watching Emma but she was stuck in a weird and freaky limbo trying to put the pieces back together of her own murder.

Nobody assumes that Emma’s twin went missing because all of her friend’s and family think that Emma is her. She tried to tell everybody, Saunton’s (her twin) friends and family but they didn’t believe her . They just thought she was acting stranger then normal.  Now Emma is being threatened by Sutton’s killer to be her or die. How long can she keep it up? Who is the true master of the Lying Game?

I love Sara Shepard’s writing. She is a naturally gifted writer and always keeps you on your toes.  She makes you question how involved everybody was and has evidence that could make anyone look guilty.

The only thing I didn’t really like about the book was that everyone was suspicious that Sutton was just suddenly acting strange but then they totally just accepted it.  I mean I would like to think if these people knew her the most why didn’t they question it more?

I also didn’t like Sutton’s boyfriend.  He just seemed annoying and clingy. He also seemed to find it okay that she was just acting strange for the day.

I love the humor in the book like there is one chapter called ‘You know it’s true when you read it on facebook.’ I love it because it’s so true today.

Another thing I liked is that her clues are a little random but at the end she fits it to where it all makes sense.

I loved the rest of the characters and can’t wait for the next book!

Warning: This book is very addictive. Once you get started your going to want to finish in one sitting.


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