The Truth About Forever~ Sarah Dessen

Posted January 26th, 2011 by mdbeeps

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When I sat down to read The Truth About Forever, I never thought that I would be finishing a book at 2:00 am when I started reading at 6:00 pm. I didn’t know where my time had gone. My eyelids were heavy as a turned off my nightlight, but my heart was filled with happiness and love. The Characters in this book felt so real to me, I felt like a had fallen in love with the character¬† Wes. I went to school the next day feeling as if I had a wonderful boyfriend that would be walking out of the art room that would grab my hand as I passed, but he never came. This book filled me with so many different feelings. I felt like I was Macy, that I was walking around in her shoes. I felt her pain, I felt her love, I felt her happiness,¬† I felt confused when she was confused and I felt her anger when she was angry.

I would recommend this book to every teenage girl that I meet ranging from fourteen to early twenties. I might even recommend it for a guy that likes a good, sensible read. It’s a story that I have read multiple times, and I will read it many times more. I read it when I’m down or when I am happy. It was one of my favorite books and Sarah Dessen is a great writer. I hope that this blog might inspire someone to go out and read this marvelous book. It is definitely a page turner, and I promise you won’t want to put it down.


Hi! I'm Breanna, I'm a senior in high school and I LOVE to read. I have four siblings, they are all boys. I plan on going to College here in Idaho and someday I want to live in Maine. I want to be a Occupational Therapist to help people rehabilitate from injuries. My favorite color is orange, I love giraffes,I drink lots and lots of water, and my favorite food is lasagna. I listen to all types of music and I'm great with people :)

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2 Responses to “The Truth About Forever~ Sarah Dessen”

  1. Gabi B.

    When I saw this book, I thought I wouldnt like it, but, like you, I started in the afternoon just breezing through it! I love the characters and I absolutely adore how Sarah Dessen makes the reader feel like were gonna relive what she wrote! :)

  2. booklover12

    i liked this book as well as the others that Dessen has wrote.

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