Twenty Boy Summer, By Sarah Ockler

Posted May 9th, 2011 by Aubrey31

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Anna Reiley grew up with her next-door neighbors Frankie Perino, and her older brother Matt. They were best friends from the start, and the trio did everything together.  She realized she was falling in love with him when she was 10, but she didn’t tell anyone for fear that things would change between the three. On her 15th birthday, she wished the same wish she did every year, that Matt would kiss her. As Anna and Matt cleaned themselves up after a cake fight, Matt finally kissed her. He admitted that he had fallen in love with her too. And for the next few weeks, everything was perfect. Late night talks under the stars, sneaking kisses when they thought no one was watching. They both tried to figure out how to tell Frankie, and Matt told Anna he would tell her on their yearly summer vacation in California the next week. Anna promised she would let him break the news and that she wouldn’t tell anyone their secret. She didn’t realize how long she would have to keep it.

The day before the Perinos were set to leave for California, there was an accident. Matt had a heart defect no one knew about, and he passed away. Anna was devastated, and for a year she and the Perinos were slowly trying to accept that he was gone. But Anna realized she couldn’t, and neither could Frankie. And even though Matt was gone, Anna kept their secret.

A year later, the Perinos decided it was time to go back the California, and invited Anna to come along with them. Frankie decided that over the period of twenty days, they would meet one boy every day. She figured maybe Anna would find her first summer romance. Anna agrees to it, even though she is still not ready to let go of Matt.

Twenty Boy Summer is a sad story about heartbreak, romance, and new beginnings. Anna learns she will always remember Matt and the memories the three had together, but she also learns how to let go and move forward. It was very emotional book, and even though I’m more of a adventure and mystery fan, I still love reading romance books too. The way Sarah Ockler wrote made me want to find out what happens to Anna, and it made me feel like I was really there. There are some books that I just don’t get into, so I loved how she wrote because it was great from the very first sentence. This is definitely more for teenage girls 15-18. I’m fourteen and there were some parts I didn’t like in the book, and also a little bit of  language. I had to skip a little in some places because it was inappropriate. But if you can ignore those parts, it’s a great book. I’ve always been the type who doesn’t want to forget anything, and I’ve kept a journal my whole life so I can remember everything. Anna was kind of like me in the book. She worried that loving Sam (you’ll find out who he is if you read the book) might replace her memories of Matt. But she learned that making new memories doesn’t replaced those cherished, but


I'm Aubrey, I'm home schooled and I'm a book addict! I absolutely love reading and music! And I've been known in my family to bring books to the dinner table and read while I eat, and I used to read while I walked when my mom shopped in the grocery store! (I've stopped doing that now, but I still read at the dinner table every now and then). I've always loved writing, and I've kept a journal since I was 7 or 8. I've written a few different books that I never finished (I always got the idea for the next book while writing one, and then forgot about the last one.) :) I also really love photography, and when I grow up I want to be a photographer and travel the world taking pictures. (That's my dream!) And maybe write a few books in between (ones that I'll actually finish) :)

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  1. anonymous

    Great review, and it sounds like a great book :) I will definitely check it out.

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