”Twilight” by:Stephanie Meyer

Posted January 20th, 2011 by KennedyChyanne

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REVIEW:Yes,it is what everyone talks about and it’s all the craze! I really don’t blame them because Twilight is very interesting and a good romance novel. Vampire-Romance that is! Who wouldn’t want a cute vampire boyfriend? I give it 3 out of 5 stars.  This is because it is kind of creepy and ruins the kind of vampire everyone knows. Boyfriends who lay down with you and watch you sleep for a couple of hours very romantic. But before Bella(human) and Edward(the vampire) started dating Edward would watch her all night,just sleeping… It is pretty creepy.Also, Edward’s family is a vegetarian family.By that they only eat animals and they sparkle in sunlight. I really don’t like that. But on the other hand it tells a story of forbidden love.

SUMMARY:Bella Swan has to move from sunny Arizona to cold and wet Forks,Washington to live with her father,Charlie.Because her mother is traveling with her new husband.Many boys have a little crush on Bella and always try to get her attention.Well they can’t because Edward Cullen is all she can ever see. And when Bella almost gets hit by a car Edward comes to her rescue like lightning speed,that is when Bella gets suspicious. He only comes on cloudy days,keeps distance from other students,and has super speed.Bella’s old friend Jacob Black actually tells her old legends and she’s convinced Edward is a vampire. Edward confesses that he is indeed, a vampire, and they slowly fall in love. A vampire clan wants to eat Bella and Bella goes into hiding at a hotel in Phoenix . When the clan leader ,James,calls Bella saying he has her mother captive,Bella surrenders herself and James breaks her leg and bites her. Putting the vampire venom inside of her. Edward kills James and sucks the venom out of her. Then Bella begs to become a vampire but Edward refuses.


Hi,I'm Kennedy! I'm 13 years old and born on July 22! I like the colors red and black.You won't be bored with me,because I'm outgoing,athletic,funny,and totally random. I sing my heart out and love write! :D

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5 Responses to “”Twilight” by:Stephanie Meyer”

  1. NuriRhines

    This is a really good review..keep the good work up :)

  2. KennedyChyanne

    Thank you! :)

  3. Maddie

    :) I don’t really like twilight. But the book review sounded good! I don’t know if I should read it :\
    And your really really right, everybody talks about it! Sometimes it gets annoying:)
    :) :)
    Read my book review: Loser

  4. AnnaSophie

    I always hate how people are comparing Twilight to Harry Potter. I mean, they are 2 totally different stories! You can’t compare Harry Potter with Edward Cullen. They are 2 totally different characters, and I think that people should respect that. I personally really like Harry Potter, and to tell you the truth, never gave Twilight a chance. But your article is convincing me to give Twilight a try. Thanks a million!

  5. Addie

    OMG!!!!! TWILIGHT IS NOT WORTH THE READ!!!! i read it and was hooked but once i was finished realized how stupid it all is. i mean, come on. you see the guy, fall in love with him and stay with him forever, YEAH RIGHT!!!!! plus edward is a total creep. he watches her as she sleeps and constantly wants to drink her blood. EEWWWW!!!!!!! i advise anyone and everyone to NOT read twilight. and, FYI, twilight is a fourth grade reading level.

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